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Cocktail Smoker

Cocktail Smoker


The Kettu Woodworks Cocktail Smoker adds a smooth smokiness to your favorite cocktails.


Try a smoked Whiskey Sour, Bourbon, Margarita, Manhattan, or Bloody Mary and enjoy the added complexity!


Each smoker comes with one complimentary bag of wood shavings.


To use, place a cotton ball-sized pinch of wood shavings* into the smoker. Use a butane torch to light the shavings. Continue to torch the shavings, pushing the smoke down into the cocktail glass. Continue this process until desired smoke levels are achieved. Leave smoker on glass for up to 2 minutes. Smoker may be used on full or empty glass; a glass of ice often works best. Please use with caution.


*Or get creative and use herbs or coffee beans to infuse different flavors!

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